Jenn and Bryan McAtee started Holy Cow Farm in 2016. The family farm is located in Bangor, Pennsylvania and encompasses 45 acres of fields and forest.  They dreamed of starting a farm together for years and spent many years saving up to purchase their property and learn the many skills needed to become farmers.  In 2017, they began selling their custom flower bouquets at the Monroe Farmer’s Market in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. In 2019, they began selling at the Easton Farmers’ Market in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Even More About Us


Jenn has been farming for over a decade.  She began her farming ventures as one of the founders of the Lafayette College Farm.  She then worked on several vegetable farms including one in Alberta, Canada before settling into life as owner and operator of Holy Cow Farm. Though she grew veggies in the past, she was able to follow her true calling to grow flowers when she and Bryan started their own business.




Bryan is the mastermind behind all the big projects at Holy Cow Farm. He’s the carpenter,  mechanic, handy man, and general jack-of-all-trades.  In addition to all he does around the farm, he also works off-farm, full time as an environmental consultant.





Rye and Olive (a.k.a. “Double Trouble”) are our farm doggies.  They are both Australian Cattle dog mixed rescue dogs.  They love to lay in the sun and tussle together all day and keep an eye on Jenn while she is harvesting in the fields. They keep life fun and lighthearted on the farm.